Over 9% of the United States population is currently using illicit drugs – that’s 28.5 million people. Sadly, only 1 in 10 of those who are addicted will ever enter into a residential treatment facility.

Day after day, addiction and drug abuse devastates the lives of countless men, women, boys and girls. Children are robbed of their innocence. Families are torn apart. Prison cells are filled. Homeless shelters and food banks are overwhelmed. Social and welfare systems are failing. Estimated at over $366 billion per year, the social and financial costs are immense.

For those seeking help, most medical, psychological and behavioral treatment programs only offer glimmers of hope in “curing” those with life-controlling substance abuse issues. Hope for the addicted, for their loved ones and for our communities has all but disappeared. That is why we believe it is important to strategically put hope within reach of every addict.

Hope Outreach is the key to put hope within reach and make a difference in your community by providing a non-residential solution to those struggling with addictions.

Affiliation with Teen Challenge

Hope Outreach is Teen Challenge’s non-residential solution to the putting hope within reach of those struggling with life-controlling problems. Hope Outreach was birthed and is led by the ministry of Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge has been helping individuals with life-controlling issues since 1958 and is in 100+ nations of the earth.

logo_TCI_PMSTeen Challenge has a 70%-86% documented success rate, validated by the US government’s National Drug Institute on Drug Abuse. Today, Teen Challenge is one of the most effective recovery programs in the world!