“There are three primary ways that we offer hope. First of all, we offer prevention services that encourages at-risk youth to make positive decisions. Secondly, we do outreaches that aim to reach those who are dealing with life-controlling issues. Lastly, we offer faith-based recovery solutions to people who may be dealing with an addiction. By combining these three important aspects we help to offer hope to the communities that we serve!”


Reaching the At-Risk Population

One of the ways that we plan to offer HOPE is through prevention efforts that will strategically reach the At-Risk populations of your area. The primary tool for prevention we will use is the Stay Sharp program which has been utilized in schools and youth groups all over the USA as a proven drug-prevention tool.

Here are some things we plan to do:

  • School Presentations / Rallies
  • Youth Group / Church Presentations
  • Youth Correctional Facilities
  • Neighborhood Block Parties in High Risk Areas
  • Public Awareness Campaigns

Reaching the Addicted Population

Another way that we plan to offer HOPE is through outreach efforts that aim to reach those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. We plan to go where they are and help those who are willing find recovery. The primary tool we will use to reach the addicted population is the With Love Movement. The With Love Movement website and print materials are created to specifically reach those who are dealing with addictions and provide them resources to find hope and healing.


Here are some outreaches we plan to do:

  • Homeless Outreaches
  • Night-Club/ Bar Outreaches
  • College/ School Campus Outreaches
  • Lower Income Neighborhood Outreaches
  • Detox/ Jail Outreaches

Helping the addicted find Hope & Recovery

One of the ways that we plan to offer HOPE is through offering recovery solutions, referrals and intervention services. We aim to provide recovery solutions for people that cannot go to a residential treatment program and help refer those who need to get into a residential treatment program. Our primary non-residential recovery tool is a curriculum called Living Free which has proven to be effective in helping people with life-controlling issues all over the world.

Here are some ways we plan to offer recovery:

  • Interventions with families
  • Referring people to programs
  • Offering Living Free groups
  • Counseling and Prayer ministry
  • Day Programs